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What are the best Medicare Supplement Plans in New York?

Defining the best plan to complete your Medicare coverage, for any one individual, is difficult because each person has different needs.  What we do with all of our clients is make sure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision for you.  This puts all the power in your hands and cuts through the fog that the insurance companies have put in front of you.  To help you with getting a better understanding the rest of this article will deal with some of the most common questions we get on Medicare supplements in NY.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Quotes New York NY

The most popular plan

By far Plan F is the most popular of the Medicare supplement plans in NY.  It will fill all the gaps left by Medicare Parts A and B.  This means that instead of having extra charges every time that you use health services, you will only pay a monthly premium and then nothing else.  The advantage to this plan is the ease of use, but it comes with a price.  Plan F of the NY Medicare supplements is the most expensive of the ten plans.

Are there other comparable plans?

Plan C and Plan G both cover all but one of the nine coverage gaps.  Plan G only requires you to pay the Medicare Part B deductible of $142.   So if you can save more than $142 per year in premiums over plan F then plan G is a great alternative.

Plan C does not cover the extra charges that your doctor may charge above the Medicare Part B recommended fees.  So if your doctor only charges the prices that Medicare recommends you can save money by purchasing NY Medigap Plan C instead of Plan F.

These two plans are the most popular after Plan F and have helped many of our clients to get very affordable and comprehensive care.  With any of the plans it is important to remember that the prices vary by zip code.  So someone looking for a Buffalo Medicare supplement will get different rates than someone in Rochester, even if their profiles are the same.

Are the other Medicare Supplemental insurance plans available in New York bad plans?  Or what are they good for?

All the plans serve a purpose.  Think of them more as how much risk is a person willing to take in order to get lower premiums.  The plan with the least coverage is plan A and it provides coverage for the gaps in Medicare plan A.  If you have the financial resources to cover the other gaps then the lower premiums may be a great choice for your needs.  Each plan has great merit and getting quotes for all of them and discussing the differences with a NY Medicare supplemental insurance specialist is a good idea for making sure you get the best plans for your needs.

At NYMedigap we are dedicated to helping people get the best health insurance coverage for their needs.  Whether that is a Medicare supplement from New York or some other combination of coverage we work with you to get the customized coverage you want.  To get started looking at a set of quotes use the form on this page or call the number at the top of this page.  If you have any questions or want more information on the Medigap plans in NY an agent will be in touch soon to help.