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What Plans are Available for Medicare in Rochester, NY?

Medicare itself is a one size fits all plan that includes coverage for hospital care, out-patient care, and prescription drugs.  Unfortunately for most seniors the basic Medicare coverage has nine coverage gaps and still leaves them vulnerable to financial burden were they to get sick.

Rochester, NY has many options for people looking to improve their Medicare coverage.  While there are only two avenues, Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans, both of these avenues has different options inside of them.  The rest of this article will look at common questions in getting better Medicare coverage in Rochester, but If you are here looking to get quotes for Rochester Medicare Advantage plans or Medicare supplements use our form on this page or give us a call and we will help you find the plan that best meets your needs.

What are my options with a Medicare Advantage plan?

Medicare advantage plans in Rochester, NY vary greatly.  These plans are private health insurance policies, but they are partly paid for by the money that would have gone toward traditional Medicare coverage.  Just like the insurance you get when you purchase insurance as an individual you can have an amazing amount of coverage or you can have minimum coverage (at least as much as traditional Medicare coverage).  The only way to know if these plans will work best for you is to get a set of quotes.  Also, you can learn more about the Medicare Advantage plans in New York HERE.

What Medicare Supplement plans are available in Rochester, NY?

There are ten Medicare supplements available in Rochester, NY.  Each plan is designated by a letter and will cover some number or combination of the gaps left by Medicare coverage.  What makes it different than the MA plans is that a Rochester Medicare supplement works with Medicare to provide better coverage.   So wherever Medicare is accepted your Medicare supplement is also accepted.  This gives you much more flexibility in traveling.

At we are an independent agency that does not work for any one company.  This means we can give you quotes for any company that offers Medicare Advantage or a Medicare supplement in the Rochester area.  So instead of being pushed into the offerings of one company, we help you search through all the companies and all the plans that they offer.  This means that we work for you instead of working for a single insurance company.  If at any time during the process of getting better coverage than the traditional Medicare parts you have any questions we will answer them and make sure that you know exactly the coverage that you are getting.  If you are ready to get started with quotes use the form on this page or the number at the top of the page and an agent will be in contact with you to help you find the best plan for your needs.