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How do I Get the Best Medicare Advantage Plan in New York?

The best Medicare Advantage plan will depend solely on what your needs are for health insurance.  Since the plans vary so widely we work with our clients to help them know all the options available in New York.  If you are already a Medicare Advantage pro and are looking for some quotes or you would like someone to help you with finding a great plan then use the form on this page and an agent will be in touch to help.  If you are in the education process of learning about New York Medicare Advantage plans keep reading as we explore some of the most common questions we hear.

What is the Benefit of a Medicare Advantage plan?

NY Medicare Advantage plansThe biggest benefit of a Medicare Advantage plan is the cost.  Since these plans are subsidized by the money that would have gone toward a traditional Medicare plan the plans themselves can be very affordable or even free from premiums.

Do I get different coverage than I can with Medicare?

Every Medicare Advantage plan is required to cover at least what Medicare Part A and Part B cover.  What makes them very useful is that most of them add coverage over traditional Medicare.  So the answer to this question is yes and no.   You will get at least the coverage you get with Medicare but you can get much better coverage than just the Medicare plans.  You should also be aware that the plans change from city to city and sometimes even zip code to zip code.  So an MA plan in New York City may be significantly different from one in Albany.

Is there prescription drug coverage?

Once again, it depends on the plan that you get.  Just like health insurance you might get through an employer you can get prescription coverage with a New York MA plan, but you will have to make sure that the plan includes that type of coverage.  This is one reason that so many of our clients use us to help them find the right plan.  Once one of our agents knows you want a specific type of coverage they will make sure you only see plans that meet your needs.

What types of MEdicare Advantage plans are available in New York?

While there are a lot of different plans there are two types of plans that are the most common.   These plans are

  • Medicare HMO Plans – HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization.  The way they work is the organization contracts with specific health care providers to lower prices by having all the members take their business only to those health care providers.  The Medicare HMO NY plans work just like this except they receive the Medicare subsidy in order to lower the cost of the plans.  The only drawback is that before seeing a specialist you are required to see a primary care physician and have them refer you to the specialist.  This will keep the cost low by making sure people do not go to a specialist before being treated for much less at a general practitioner.
  • Medicare PPO Plans – PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization.  The main difference between a Medicare PPO NY Plan and a Medicare HMO NY plan is that the PPO is an organization of health care providers rather than an organization that has a series of contracts with health care providers.

How do I get the best rates?

The key to getting the best rates is to get multiple quotes from all the different companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans in New York.  We are an independent agent so we work with all the MA companies.  You can get started with your set of quotes by calling the number at the top of this page or using our contact form on the side of this page.  If you have any questions or if there is any way we can serve you in finding the right plan for you please contact us.