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How can I get Comprehensive Medicare Coverage in New York City?

We see so many seniors who look at Medicare coverage for the first time and are shocked by what is not covered.  While there is coverage for most types of health services with Medicare, you will have significant deductibles and coinsurance.  To get comprehensive coverage you have two options; add a Medicare supplement or switch to Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

You can add a supplement to your Medicare coverage for a monthly premium that will fill some or all of the gaps left by Medicare.  In the New York City area there are a total of ten different Medicare supplements.   Each supplemental plan is labeled with a letter will fill at least four of the nine gaps left by traditional Medicare coverage.  One nice feature about these Medigap plans is that they are accepted wherever Medicare is accepted.  In working with people from New York City the most popular plans are plan F, G, and C.  These are the three most comprehensive plans with plan F covering all the gaps in Medicare and G and C covering all but one each.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage does not work with Medicare but replaces Medicare.  Instead of getting health insurance through Medicare you contract with a private insurance company to get health coverage.  The money that would have gone toward paying for your Medicare is then sent to the private insurance company to reduce your premiums.  With some plans the premiums are even zero.  What is not as nice about these plans is that they vary greatly from company to company and city to city.  So if you are discussing a plan with someone who has a Medicare Advantage plan in Yonkers then that plan may not even be available to in NYC.   The overall advantage is being able to get a private plan that is more customized to your needs instead of a one size fits all plan with Medicare.

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